Our menus change frequently.  We do our best, but now and then the website menu may not be accurate.


WARM CORN MUFFINS salted butter, housemade jam $4

HOUSEMADE SOFT PRETZELS aged-cheddar beer cheese $8

SNACKS FOR DINNER baked brie, savory granola, crostini, chili infused honey $7

SEASONAL VEGETABLE asparagus, preserved lemon dressing, pecorino cheese, Aleppo pepper, sunny egg, smoked olive oil, ciabatta $9

SEASONAL SOUP & BREAD market price

PORK FRIES shredded BBQ pork, fries, cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos, green onions, bacon $14

CORNISH PASTY buttery pie dough, seasonal savory filling, baby greens salad $10

HOUSE SALAD mixed greens, shaved vegetables, preserved lemon dressing, shaved parmesan $9

GRAPEFRUIT SALAD toasted macadamia nuts, buttermilk blue cheese, red onions, grapefruit supremes, citrus vinaigrette, spring mix $11

PEACH SALAD balsamic reduction, mixed green, peaches, feta cheese, crispy proscuitto, marcona almonds $12

BURGER fresh ground WI grass-grazed brisket, American cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, tomato, spicy mayo, sunny egg, brioche bun, fries $13

GRILLED CHEESE American, fontina, five-year aged cheddar, sourdough, cup of tomato soup$11

THE KLUG smoked tomato field roast, jalapenos, red onions, tomatoes, cheddar, swiss, mayo, on a ciabatta $13 (v)

FLAT IRON STEAK watercress, whipped mascarpone, red onions, chipotle & cilantro mayonnaise, ciabatta $14

ROAST BEEF Big Ed's smoked Gouda, lemon aioli, walnut romesco, pickled zucchini, brioche bun $13 (V)   Pie It Forward! - $1 of every Roast Beef sandwich sold through August will be donated to WMSE Radio

MACARONI & CHEESE white cheddar cheese sauce, buttered breadcrumbs, green onions, parmesan, bacon $14

CLASSIC CHICKEN & BISCUIT PIE farm chicken, bell peppers, potatoes, roasted corn, buttermilk biscuit top $16

MUSSELS cherry-brandy cream sauce, melted leaks, apples, nutmeg, garlic, shallot, red pepper flakes, sage $14



ENTREE SPECIALS - served daily at 5pm

PAN SEARED FARM CHICKEN salt roasted baby beets, baby carrots, Homboldt Fog goat cheese, Bearnaise sauce $24                                               

SUMMER RISOTTO fresh sweet corn, corn custard, arborio rice, heirloom cherry tomato vinaigrette, sunflower sprouts, herb & olive oil-confit pearl onions $18

SQUID INK CAPELLINI chorizo, shrimp, tequilla cream, queso fresco, adobo whipped cream, angel hair pasta, squid ink $23

VEGETABLE STRATA zucchini, summer squash, Roma tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, garlic scape pesto, dill creme fraiche, fried green tomatoes, summer Italian truffles, squash blossoms $17

LAMB CHOP pan seared lamb chop, sunchoke puree, frisee salad, montamore cheese, capers, herbs, corichons, red wine syrup $23

PORK SHANK hominy, posole, cilantro-lime crema, baby radishes, cabbage, corn tortilla $24



hand-breaded Alaskan cod, French fries, handmade corn muffin, coleslaw, house tartar sauce, grilled lemon $15




A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT DELIVERY OF OUR MENU ITEMS:  Please know that our restaurants are in no way affiliated with the third party delivery service Postmates.  Postmates has taken our menus and posted them on their websites as "deliverable" without our permission.  We take a great deal of pride in our products and we craft our food with a lot of care.  Our menu items are not created to withstand delivery in an unknown vehicle for an unknown amount of time, through a third party that we have no ability to collaborate with.  We want our customers to be happy and to enjoy every morsel we have made for you but if you do choose to order through Postmates, we cannot be responsible for the way the order is handled or for it arriving incorrectly or in poor shape. We hope you understand.   Peace, love and pie. 


We do offer delivery of our special order baked treats through our partners at Milwaukee's Forward Courier- whole pies, dozens of cupcakes, boxes of cookies and muffins for office meetings, etc.    We require 48 hours notice for all special orders for pick up or delivery.