Learn the tricks to making your very own delicious pies with Honeypie co-owner and Executive Pie Maker, Valeri Lucks.  Held inside our bakeshop kitchen at our brother cafe, Palomino, these hands-on classes will guide you through a variety of different aspects of pie making and give you a peek into the life of a bakeshop.  In each class you will bake your own mini pie to take home.  There will be lots of room for questions and answers during each class so come with all of your crust conundrums and filling inquiries .  Attend just one or try them all - you do not need to take them in order.  Classes are approximately 2-3 hours and are limited to 10 people.  

Ticket prices include all of your ingredients, a recipe with tips and tricks and a drink ticket for the bar.

4.17.17 | NO FEAR Crust Making 101 & Berry Pies

The Pie Session is a hands-on lesson in making a basic, classic pie crust and working with berry pies.  We will cover the how-to's as well as what pitfalls to avoid and the tricks to making a flaky, perfect crust.  You will get to make your own dough, roll out your own crust for a 6" mini pie, make a berry pie filling..  We will discuss the in's and out's of baking with berries and bake the pies during class allowing some time for questions and answers and socializing with friends.


4.24.17 | Butter Pie Crust & Heirloom Apple Pies

This class is a hands-on lesson in making classic buttery pie crust and our favorite heirloom apple pies.  We will cover the how-to's as well as what pitfalls to avoid and the tricks to making a flaky, perfect crust.  You will get to make your own dough, roll out your own crust for a 6" mini pie as well as apple pie filling.  We will bake the pies during class allowing some time for questions and answers and socializing with your new friends.   In the end, you will have a delicious little pie to take home to show off your new pie making prowess. This class is perfect for those of all skill levels who fear the crust!


5.1.17 | Blind Crusts and "Derby" Style Pies

In honor of the upcoming Kentucky Derby, this Pie Session will find us talking about the pies that our friends down in the Bluegrass State have created - namely Derby-style pies. This lesson will include a pie crust lesson and baking a "blind" pie shell for filling with a classic chocolate-pecan filling (a la "Derby" pie - we'll talk pie history as well, this one is interesting!)  Pies will be baked off during class, which will allow for question and answer time, socializing and sippin' - bourbon, preferably.


5.8.17 | Biscuits Y'All

A lesson in making buttery handmade biscuits!  Biscuits are a lot like pie dough.  They require just the right mixture of butter, flour and liquids to make them perfectly flaky and fluffy.  We will work in class on mixing, folding and forming biscuit dough so you learn how to get those flaky layers to slather some good jam on.  We will bake off biscuits during class so you'll have a pan of hot little biscuits to eat right away and some to take home.



(Please note, we often have waiting lists for our pie classes.  Tickets to class are non-refundable if you cancel without more than 72 hours notice.  If you need to cancel within 72 hours of class, you are welcome to email us, and we will offer your spot to a person on the waiting list.  If it is taken by someone waiting, we will refund your ticket.  You are also welcome to give your ticket to a friend and they can attend in your place.)


Grannies Best Pies For Depression: Blind Crusts and Farmhouse Pies

In this Pie Session, we will spend our time talking about “old school” pies, Depression-era pies and pies that our grannies might have often made to cheer up a dinner party.  These include pecan, chess and other baked custard and "farmhouse" pies.  The hands-on lesson in this class will include baking a "Blind Crust".  We will then fill with a delicious easy-to-make filling (that you will learn to make!).  Pies will be made during class, which will then allow for question and answer time and socializing with your pie pals.

Diner Favorites: Cream Pies & Crumb Crusts

This is a hands-on lesson in making cream pie filling.  Yep, the most delicious creamy, cream pie filling just like you'd find in an old school diner.  We will make both a cookie crust and a basic cream filling that you can practice again at home and build upon with many, many different flavors.   At the end of class you will have a little cream pie to take home.

Crumb Crusts and Icebox Pies

Learn all about making crumb/cookie crusts and the "icebox" pie filling that you often find in them.  Cookie crusts and icebox fillings are the results of modern inventions of the 1950's and they made pie making much easier for the home cook. We will discuss and learn about these pie interventions as well as create a cookie crust and filling.  No previous experience is needed and no need to have attended earlier classes.

Sweet Hand Pies & Little Love Tarts

For Valentine's Day, this Pie Session will be a hands-on lesson in making sweet lil' hand pies. You know the ones...also called turnovers, tarts, pop-tarts...  we'll give you a lesson in pie crust making and then a lesson in rolling and folding techniques to get the perfect little, yummy hand-held pie.  We'll provide you with a filling for the pie so you can bake them off in class and have treats to take home. 

Savory Hand Pies & Pasties

This class will introduce us all to the fine craft of making pie crusts entirely with butter and how to use savory fillings.   We will talk how-to's, ingredients, and the methods and the madness behind creating all butter crusts that are flaky and flavorful.  Pie dough will be used to create small hand pies - a.k.a pasties - filled with a savory filling that we will bake off during class so you have treats to go home with you.